Annoying hot flashes [How to control them]


They’re one of the most inconvenient things you have to suffer through. No matter what you’re doing—driving, washing the dishes, taking a walk, sleeping—they hit you like a train and make you wish you were in a meat locker. At the least, they’re uncomfortable. At the most, they’re torturous. Of course you know what they are…hot flashes.

Many women don’t know that you can directly control hot flashes instead of just treating the symptoms. This is done through bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT). Here’s how it works:

When you reach peri-menopause (the time around which a woman gets closer to menopause), you have a smaller amount of the following hormones: estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. Because of that loss, symptoms like hot flashes can pop up frequently. BHRT is simply the best method of restoring these hormones back to normal levels in your body. When the bio-identical hormones restore those levels, the hot flashes can be directly controlled.

Many women have virtually no more hot flashes after taking BHRT. Some women’s hot flashes become fewer and more manageable. Other women experience them at a lesser intensity. It all depends on how your body reacts.

Unfortunately, hot flashes are not the only inconveniences of peri-menopause. You can see any of the following as well: low libido, night sweats, vaginal dryness, bloating and mood instability. People taking bio-identical hormones really don’t have to worry about these either, because BHRT can significantly reduce those symptoms too. Overall, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy is a win-win for most women.

Combatting your hot flashes through bio-identical hormones is one of the only ways to actually treat them. Other methods are mere attempts to cover up the symptoms. Everyday, women in peri-menopause are finding their lives easier because of BHRT’s effects on the body. It can make your day go by more smoothly. It can give you fewer night sweats and better sleep. It can even prevent other symptoms of menopause.

BHRT is offered at The Broadway Clinic in Oklahoma City (OKC). Schedule an appointment now to find out if low hormones might be the cause of your hot flashes. If you have a hormone deficiency, BHRT at The Broadway Clinic can help reduce and control hot flashes, allowing your days to be smoother and more pleasant.

Control hot flashes now.

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