Bigfoot & Male Menopause—Fact or Legend?

Well, we can't comment on Bigfoot BUT male menopause . . . Let's debunk any myths you might have. Before we start, you’ll need to know that “male menopause” generally refers to men losing testosterone levels after a certain age, much like the way women lose hormones at the point of menopause.

Each of these statements have three possible values: Fact (true), Legend (false), or “Factual” Legend (a mix in between). Let’s see if you know them all.

  1. Like menopause, men experience a drop in testosterone and other hormones after a certain age. Fact. It is true that older men receive less and less of the hormones that produce energy, strength, and high libido.
  2. Men lose hormones at a similar rate as women. Legend. This is the biggest difference regarding hormones between men and women. Women in menopause experience a high decrease in hormones in a quick period of time. A man’s hormonal loss is more gradual and steady.
  3. Some doctors refer to Male Menopause as “testosterone deficiency syndrome.” Fact. Doctors do not use the term Male Menopause for anything. They do, however, recognize the problems that come about when aging men have testosterone deficiencies.
  4. Men experience a hormone drop at the same age as women’s menopause. “Factual” Legend. While it’s true that men are losing testosterone while women are going through menopause, men are losing at a slower rate and have started the process years earlier.
  5. Men begin losing hormones around the age of 40. Legend. Unfortunately, men start to lose hormones at the age of 30. At this time, one percent of hormones are lost each year from then on.
  6. Men can take back their hormones, reversing the effects of “male menopause.” Fact. When men take treatments like BHRT Hormone Replacement, they can feel younger again and regain the energy and stamina that was lost because of hormone deficiencies.

Men can get tested to see if their hormones are at unhealthy levels. The Broadway Clinic provides blood tests for this purpose. If a hormone deficiency is found, BHRT Hormone Replacement is offered so patients can increase their energy, strength, libido, and well-being.

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Image credit: JD Hancock

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