• Can skipping meals make you heavier?

    It’s always interesting when scientific research suggests the opposite of people’s “logical” assumptions. Case in point—It’s logical to assume that skipping a meal each day would lead to losing weight. According to Medical News Today, however, it could mean the exact opposite.A study in Finland measured the eating habits of 512 children from the ages of 6 to 8.

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    Testosterone’s surprising affects on men over 40

    It happens more gradually than you think. You feel it at different times but you never think you can do much about it. The energy you felt when you were younger is gone.

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    How Christmas would change if Santa had testosterone

    Let’s face it—Santa has some issues. The biggest ones are obvious. His belly is out of control, and he works literally one day a year.

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    Making the Holidays Less Stressful

    It can be a daunting task to keep off the pounds you just lost when Thanksgiving is coming up. So many carbs are calling your name, but you try with all your might to say no. There can be a lot of pressure associated with the holidays: reuniting with family, looking good for a holiday party, not to mention avoiding all the pies and desserts.

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    How to heighten your energy despite seasonal stress

    As everyone knows, Fall brings in its fair share of stresses. The workload usually peaks after the slowness of Summer, and people start panicking as the holidays loom around the corner. If you’re in your mid-30s or older, these stresses can feel worse than necessary.

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    Out with the old, in with the new

    “Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall,” said F. Scott Fitzgerald. That means it’s time to clean out some things: your closet, your garage, and your eating and exercise habits.

  • Back to School and Back in Shape

    Summer is coming to an end, and school bells are ringing in the distance. Some of you are sad to see it go, others are ready for the routine of the school year. Whatever time of year it is, it’s always the right time to lose weight and get healthy.The routine can be a good thing, making it easier to plan when and how you’re going to lose weight.

  • Men over 35: Are you lacking energy this summer?

                Is it harder now to do the summer activities that were easy when you were younger? Golfing, tennis, fishing, hiking, etc. - are all as enjoyable as ever, but it might take more out of you now.

  • 7 healthy ways to rock your summer grilling

    One of the best aspects of summer is the unending grilling opportunities. When you have that wonderful piece of machinery in front of you, you can choose to go two different routes. On one hand, you can make the unhealthiest junk imaginable.

  • Annoying hot flashes [How to control them]

    They’re one of the most inconvenient things you have to suffer through. No matter what you’re doing—driving, washing the dishes, taking a walk, sleeping—they hit you like a train and make you wish you were in a meat locker. At the least, they’re uncomfortable.

  • Testosterone replacement: New mind for a new year

    Most people just think of testosterone as the “sex hormone.” It’s more than that. In fact, it’s one of the most beneficial hormones in your body. This is especially true when it comes to mental functioning.

  • Why vitamin D could change your life—and why you’re not getting enough of it

    Up to 75% of the population is low in vitamin D, according to findings published in the Archives of Internal Medicine. Not only are these people losing benefits to their body, they also might be risking major diseases in the future. Most people don’t worry about vitamin D because they assume they’re getting it from the sun.

  • Why you lose "twice as much weight" with a supervising doctor

    According to a recent study in Patient Education and Counseling, people under the supportive care of a medical doctor lost double the weight of other participants. This new information highlights what many weight loss experts have been saying for a while now: Losing weight on your own is extremely difficult. The issue is probably simpler than we realize.

  • Food cravings and drug addiction: 3 surprising similarities

    Sometimes the desire for junk food can feel like a drug addiction. You may have thought this yourself during certain moments. Can you think of a time when food was the only thing on your mind (and you weren’t even all that hungry)?

  • Think you’re too young for menopause? 4 signs you're wrong…

    While most women realize they will eventually reach menopause, many ignore the reality of perimenopause. This term refers to the process leading up to menopause, which should be taken just as seriously. All women should watch carefully for these symptoms—especially if you’re in your mid-thirties to forties.

  • What foods will stop my constant cravings?

    Most Americans are programmed to eat foods that are high-carb, processed and unhealthy. We’re trained to crave foods that make us heavier. Obviously, this is no one’s fault.

  • 7 “health food” terms to beware of

    The companies that label their foods have expert marketers. They know that certain words and phrases give consumers the impression that the food itself is less bad for them. That perception is what makes you want to buy or eat certain brands.

  • Weight Loss Program in Oklahoma

    How do you know for sure that you’re going to lose weight? Trying on your own is admirable but not usually effective. The people that lose the most—and keep it off permanently—are in weight loss programs.

  • 4th of July Safety Tips

    As you may know, The Broadway Clinic will be closed this Friday and Saturday for Independence Day. Are you ready for the brightest holiday of the summer!? The 4th of July is just a few days away, and many of us are completely unprepared.

  • Bigfoot & Male Menopause—Fact or Legend?

    Well, we can't comment on Bigfoot BUT male menopause . . .

  • The benefits of melatonin

    People often assume that melatonin is only useful as a sleeping enhancer. While this is definitely true, many people don’t realize that melatonin has a range of other healthy effects. It not only improves your energy, but also enhances your mood and increases immune function.

  • Testosterone replacement therapy in OKC

    Finding the right hormone replacement clinic is crucial because you need to know exactly what kind of hormones are being offered. The Broadway Clinic in Oklahoma City uses bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, which is the safest and most effective testosterone booster. People over the age of 35 see a consistent decrease in the testosterone that the body naturally creates.

  • Why youthful energy is restored with bio-identical hormones

    Without realizing it, your body may be losing its normal supply of hormone levels. This could result in a loss of energy, mental alertness, libido, muscle mass, or sleep. If any of these symptoms have knocked on your door, you may be experiencing an insufficiency of hormones.

  • Difference between carbs—And why you should know this

    If you’re trying to learn more about how to lose weight, there’s one subject you definitely need to know—carbohydrates. Carbs are discussed all the time in the media, but it’s a complex topic that many don’t fully understand. Most people would benefit from learning some of the differences.

  • What kind of exercise reduces belly fat the most?

    Spring is upon us! Many people’s thoughts are remarkably similar around this time of year—Losing weight. But before you nose dive into any random exercise regime, stop and think about it!

  • OKC’s Fitness Festival will rock you March 28th!

    At the end of March, Ready, Gazette, GO! is throwing an extensive fitness festival in downtown at the Myriad Botanical Gardens. The festival is free for everyone, thanks to sponsors like The Broadway Clinic.

  • Oklahoma Gazette's Fitness Festival: Ready, Gazette, GO!

    Oklahoma City, OK – Oklahoma Gazette, The Broadway Clinic and Optima Health and Wellness Center present Ready, Gazette, GO! a free, family-friendly fitness festival to encourage Oklahoma City metro area residents to improve their health by creating new and better fitness and nutrition habits. The free festival runs from 11a.m.

  • The Broadway Clinic is proud to sponsor Ready, Gazette, GO!

    The Broadway Clinic is a proud sponsor of Ready, Gazette, GO!, a fitness challenge encouraging OKC dwellers to get healthy in a fun way! Anyone can join in for FREE, and participants will have access to information on activity, nutrition, and local support groups to get fitter and healthier. You can track your progress through the Ready, Gazette, GO!

  • How is your weight loss resolution coming?

    "If you wait for the perfect conditions, you will never get anything done." This quote applies perfectly to weight loss and procrastination. 2015 represents a time to reinvent your self and to challenge your elusive weight loss goal. The number of overweight individuals continues to increase in epidemic proportions.

  • Losing weight after the holidays

    It’s always hard to lose weight after the holidays are over and the consequences of holiday eating are still present. Many people’s New Year’s resolutions are thrown to the side not long into the year. This isn’t shocking.

  • What are The Broadway Clinic's top 3 areas of expertise?

    OKC's Broadway Clinic has been serving the public for over 34 years, helping over 75,000 patients. Our medical team's desire is to help our patients enjoy healthy, full and long lives. We have three very distinctive special areas of medical expertise.

  • 2015 weight loss tips: It's about you!

    The time is finally here to commit to losing weight and getting healthy in 2015! Here are some weight loss tips to help take that first step: See yourself looking fabulous. Successful athletes do this all the time -- before they even start a race, they picture that they've already crossed the finish line.

  • Holiday Hours and Recipe!

    Here are the Holiday Hours for The Broadway Clinic this year!  Christmas Closed Wednesday, December 24th Closed Thursday, December 25th Closed Friday, December 26th New Year  Closed Wednesday, December 31st Closed Thursday, January 1st Here's a healthy and delicious recipe to keep you warm this winter! Brought to you by The Broadway Clinic! Hot Chocolate/Mocha Recipe -Tablespoon of UNSWEETENED Cocoa powder  -1 Packet of Stevia  -Half a dropper of the Stevia Vanilla sweetener&...

  • How to protect your assets this winter

    Winter weather is coming quicker than expected. It might be wise to revisit your auto insurance coverage. Our state requires drivers toinsure themselves with 25/50/25 liability insurance.

  • Why women over 40 have sleep problems

    It’s the middle of the night and your mind is roaming. There’s one thought that dominates above the rest. It’s the same thought that’s been crawling across your brain for months, maybe years—Why can’t I sleep?Unfortunately, many women don’t find the real answer to this question.

  • Man-to-Man: Why do men feel younger with testosterone?

    When men get past 40, their testosterone decreases at a steady level. Studies have tracked the differences in men who allow this to occur naturally and men who replenished their testosterone with BHRT (Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy). One of the main differences was apparent: men on testosterone replacement felt younger than men who didn’t.

  • How to heighten your energy despite seasonal stress

    As everyone knows, Fall brings in its fair share of stresses. The workload usually peaks after the slowness of Summer, and people start panicking as the holidays loom around the corner. If you’re in your mid-30s or older, these stresses can feel worse than necessary.

  • What is "Whiplash"?

    What is ‘Whiplash’ (and why does it hurt so badly)? Whiplash is an injury caused when the neck and head are thrown suddenly backward and then forward upon impact. The sudden impact forces the neck and head beyond their normal range of movement, typically causing tissue damage and pain.

  • Kids back in school!—Perfect time to lose weight?

    The summer is now ending and school is looming ahead. This may be a sad time for the kids, but it’s not necessarily bad for the parents. Here’s why the upcoming school season is a perfect time to restart your weight loss efforts.

  • “Heads will roll”—why head injuries matter in car accidents

    If you’re in a car accident, there are obviously an unending number of bad possibilities that could occur. Head injury is one of the most serious of these to consider. Why?

  • How to lose weight with supplements

    One of the most beneficial aspects of The Broadway Clinic is the opportunity to access natural dietary supplements and appetite suppressants—which you can obtain directly on our website. These products provide proven methods to let you lose weight and give you the results you need. Whether you want supplements, vitamins, energy boosters, healthy foods, Omega 3, or thyroid enhancers, The Broadway Clinic has everything you need.

  • Restore your youthful energy with natural hormones

    Without realizing it, your body may be losing its normal supply of hormone levels. This could result in a loss of energy, mental alertness, libido, muscle mass, or sleep. If any of these symptoms have knocked on your door, you may be experiencing an insufficiency of hormones.

  • Benefits of Testosterone for Women

    Both women and men produce levels of testosterone. As a vital hormone in the body, testosterone provides a numerous amount of benefits. It increases energy, strength, bone density, exercise endurance, libido, sexual performance, and more.

  • Unseen Thyroid Conditions—by Dr. Blough

    Tip from the Expert Sometimes an increase in weight gain is the result of a separate medical condition. Thyroid disorder is a range of diseases which can affect one’s metabolism. When your thyroid is underactive (called hypothyroidism), your slowed metabolism causes your body to put on extra weight—despite normal or rigorous eating habits.

  • Watch your back! (Your lower back especially)

    When you’re in a motor vehicle collision, there are a lot of bad possibilities that can occur. Of these possibilities, back injuries are common. The lower back area is often subject to pain and injury following a collision.

  • Not all accident injuries are external...

    Internal injuries in car accidents When someone is involved in a motor vehicle collision, it’s easy to see only the visible outside injuries—broken limbs, neck injury, bleeding, etc. While these are definitely important immediate ailments to treat, they are not the only conditions to be aware of. In fact, choosing to disregard the other possible bodily injuries can be extremely dangerous.

  • Facts about Testosterone for Men

    Testosterone is not just about your sex drive... “Loss of testosterone causes loss of libido, energy, strength, sexual function, memory, cognition, muscle and bone. Testosterone replacement, as far as quality of life is concerned, is tremendous.” Medical Crossfire 2001Jan;Vol.3 No.1:17-18 “Symptoms of low testosterone may occur due to decreased serum levels or reduced receptor site sensitivity.

  • Estrogen: Facts and Benefits

    Estrogen: Why every women needs it “This article presents a protocol for hormone replacement therapy with natural estradiol, progesterone, testosterone, DHEA and melatonin. Using the natural sex steroids which occur naturally in humans represents replacement to ensure attainment of pre-menopausal levels and adequacy of therapy. This is inexpensive therapy that gives relief of symptoms, is well tolerated, provides minimal side effects, protects the endometrium, and results in excellent compliance...

  • Why women need testosterone and progesterone...

    Why women need testosterone and progesterone As you age, you start to see a loss of normal hormone levels. This is significant because it can affect the vast majority of your body’s functions. Two of these hormones—testosterone and progesterone—provide tremendous benefits to your health and energy.

  • Weight Gain and Aging: Is this Common and What Can I Do?

    Is it getting harder and harder to lose weight? There comes a point when you can’t lose weight as easily as you did when you were younger. The unwanted pounds back then weren’t as daunting as the pounds you have now.

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