Why women need testosterone and progesterone...

Why women need testosterone and progesterone

As you age, you start to see a loss of normal hormone levels. This is significant because it can affect the vast majority of your body’s functions. Two of these hormones—testosterone and progesterone—provide tremendous benefits to your health and energy. When you get older, however, this becomes a problem because those hormone levels get lower and lower.

Fortunately, there are healthy medical treatments that can replace those hormones, which restores the benefits to your body and helps make you feel younger again.

Here’s why women need these hormones to sustain full body health:


Testosterone is perhaps the most undervalued hormone for women. Because of it’s faulty perception as a male-only hormone, people often don’t realize it has unbelievable affects for women. For one, it improves your mental health and clarity of thought. It reduces body fat and increases lean muscle mass. And, it enhances your bone density and sex drive. When people experience less testosterone in their body, the result can be fatigue, depression, lack of endurance, or poor muscle tone. Because of this, it’s important to figure out whether your own hormones are lacking. If so, hormone replacement is key.



After the age of 35, your body receives less progesterone. This loss starts to occur even before menopause. That will grow more and more important to women as they begin to experience the impact of lower progesterone levels—including mood alterations, loss of sleep, “not feeling like yourself,” anxiety, and eventually hot flashes. With a replacement of this crucial hormone, however, these benefits return along with it.

When progesterone levels are restored to a normal level, your brain receives a calming affect, your anxiety decreases, and your sleep increases. Hot flashes can decrease and an elevated mood leads to a reduction in depression. It also contains bone-building and cancer-fighting strengths. Additionally, if you have a hormone imbalance, progesterone can improve menopausal symptoms.

Restoring these levels of testosterone and progesterone is a part of The Broadway Clinic’s BHRT hormone replacement. With this treatment, you can take back the energy, strength, and the multitude of other benefits that normal hormone levels provide.

Contact The Broadway Clinic to find out more about BHRT hormone replacement. Call 405.528.1936 or visit broadwayclinic.com.

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