Weight Gain and Aging: Is this Common and What Can I Do?

Is it getting harder and harder to lose weight?

There comes a point when you can’t lose weight as easily as you did when you were younger. The unwanted pounds back then weren’t as daunting as the pounds you have now. Of course, this isn’t an illusion. Weight gain is common in aging. What’s important, however, is to understand why this is happening. There are a number factors that contribute to this process.

For one, your metabolism slows down as you age. The foods you’ve always loved may have the same calorie count, but their rate of absorption and breakdown in your body has changed. Part of this is due to the loss of muscle you experience when you get older. You might not be as physically active as you used to be, for whatever reason: work, busier schedule, etc. This is added to an increased level of stress (which instigates weight gain) caused by the pressures of family or careers. With all of these factors in mind, you might have a better understanding of why you gain weight—and keep that weight—as the years go by.

Fortunately, the trained medical team at The Broadway Clinic knows how this weight-gaining cycle can be diminished and even reversed. They offer weight loss programs that are medically supervised and extremely effective. Visit our website, broadwayclinic.com/weight-loss, or call (405) 528-1936 to schedule an appointment.

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