What foods will stop my constant cravings?

Walnuts and foods that stop cravings.Most Americans are programmed to eat foods that are high-carb, processed and unhealthy. We’re trained to crave foods that make us heavier. Obviously, this is no one’s fault. It’s just a part of society. Once you know this reality, however, you can learn how to stop cravings for your own advantage.

Luckily for you, health experts and doctors have figured out that certain (healthier) foods can break the craving cycle. When you eat these foods instead of the bad ones, you can control the cravings and eventually diminish them.

1. Sugar cravings.
When you’re craving sugar, it’s never a good idea to grab something out of the candy or cookie jar. If you do this, you will feel satisfied for an extremely short time. After that time is over, you crash. This crash not only feels bad, it also leads to more cravings. And that’s how the hunger cycle begins again.

Instead, eat a fruit: like apples, grapes, strawberries or blueberries and add some kind of protein: like ricotta, peanut butter or cottage cheese. This combination will satisfy your sweet tooth without giving you a crash. At the same time, you body will not crave it the same way later.

2. Salty cravings.
Potato chips, Cheetos, and French fries are a few foods you might look for during a salty craving. When you eat them, it releases dopamine in the brain so you feel good. Those companies purposely do this so you continue to buy their brand.

Here’s how you can resist this urge: Eat something like tomatoes, cashews, lettuce, seeds, seaweed, or celery. Even if you don’t like some of these foods now, you’ll develop a taste for it and pretty soon your cravings will plummet.

3. Bread or starch cravings.
Sometimes your body can feel relaxed when you eat foods like biscuits, chips, potatoes, bread, etc. The problem is: these foods make you hungrier, faster. And, on another negative note, these are the types of foods that eventually turn into belly fat. None of this is good for your weight loss.

Here are some great alternatives: collards, peanuts, walnuts, almonds, eggs, kale, turkey meat or chicken breast. These foods are not only a great source of protein—they also keep you fuller for a longer period of time.

All of these food alternatives will help you reduce cravings, eat healthier, feel better, and lose weight. You have every reason in the world to switch out those bad foods. Pretty soon, you’ll be craving the good stuff!

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