Why you lose "twice as much weight" with a supervising doctor

According to a recent study in Patient Education and Counseling, people under the supportive care of a medical doctor lost double the weight of other participants. This new information highlights what many weight loss experts have been saying for a while now: Losing weight on your own is extremely difficult.

The issue is probably simpler than we realize. One weight loss physician at The Broadway Clinic lays it out in the following way...

"If you had a chronic problem with your car, would you leave it in your own hands to figure out the solution? You could research and attempt thousands of mechanical tips, but would you really make a long-term difference? Unless you're fully aware of your car's engine and transmission system, the answer is likely no. Now consider that reality in terms of weight loss.

"The human body is infinitely more complex than a car. One person's body can respond in a completely different way than another. That same person's weight issues may be a result of biological factors that are hidden or unknown to you. This is why having a physician is crucial. They understand your body and know why it reacts to certain methods more than others. They know how to lead you to the healthy weight you're wanting to reach." - J. Arden Blough, M.D.

The findings of the study support Dr. Blough's assertions. When you have a supportive physician by your side, you lose more weight and have a thinner body. Weight loss doctors at The Broadway Clinic are available for this very purpose. If you have any questions about this process, The Broadway Clinic is more than happy to answer them.


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