Testosterone’s Surprising Effects On Men Over 40

It happens more gradually than you think. You feel it at different times but you never think you can do much about it. The energy you felt when you were younger is gone. The strength and endurance that used to be easy is now a struggle. Your libido has dropped. Most men push this reality to the side. In its place, they replay this dangerous thought—

That’s just the way it is, now that I’m older.”

This belief could not be more false. Research has found that testosterone replacement restores men’s energy, strength, and libido when it has declined. That unhealthy decline can—and should always be—restored to normal male functioning.

And, as it turns out, testosterone provides men more benefits than they think.

Here are a few ways that testosterone replacement affects men over 40…

  •  Heightens energy
  •  Reduces stomach fat
  •  Decreases depression
  •  Increases strength
  •  Extends endurance
  •  Elevates sex drive
  •  Enhances memory
  •  Helps prevent Alzheimer’s
  •  Enforces mental clarity
  • Stabilizes mood 
  • Increases lean muscle mass
  • Lowers risk of heart disease and heart attacks
  • Decreases risk of stroke 

If you feel like your body is lacking any of the attributes from #1–#7, you need to have your hormones levels tested to see if your testosterone is low. And, if you’re over 35-40, there is a good chance they are.

The Broadway Clinic provides blood tests for this purpose. If testosterone levels low, physicians will recommend a BHRT program that restores that testosterone in the body, allowing men to regain optimal energy, strength, libido, and the multitude of other benefits.

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