Body Appreciation

Let’s take a minute to appreciate our bodies. In today’s society, so many standards and expectations are thrown at women, to be perfect, skinny and sexy. But the truth is, every day life isn’t perfect. Sometimes you gain a couple extra pounds. And sometimes you just don’t feel very sexy. That’s okay. What matters is that you are healthy.

Your body is a miracle. It’s comprised of organs and tissues and ligaments and hormones that all work together to make you who you are. You breathe in and out without thinking about it. You blink around 28,000 times a day without trying. Your heart is pumping, your blood is flowing, and your brain is sending messages to the rest of your body constantly. It’s amazing the things your body can do.

A healthy body allows you to do things like go running outside, go shopping with your friends, and spend time with your family. Your body is your home, so make sure to give it the love it needs. Each body is different, but each is special and beautiful.

If you don’t like the weight you’re at, change it! But you have to do it for you, and not because someone told you to. It should be to make yourself feel better and be healthier. If you are healthy and content at your weight, then don’t let anyone shame you for that. Wear it with confidence.

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