7 Tips For A No Gain Summer

Summer is finally here! Everyone can finally relax and enjoy the sunny weather and balmy activities. And yet, some of these balmy activities trigger anxiety over body weight and swim suit attire. Don’t stress! Follow these simple tips to keep your weight down – and have fun doing it!

1. Cookouts are your friends!
If you’re at a cookout, you’ll usually have some great food options. Stick to the low-carb choices: grilled chicken, grilled vegetables, hamburger patty (without the bun), or any other kind of meat that you love.

2. Actually swim when your “swimming”
Webster’s dictionary defines the word “swim” as the act of “propelling oneself in water by natural means (as movements of the limbs)”. Unfortunately, this is not what many Americans mean by swimming. We sometimes think of swimming as simply being in water. Instead, follow the dictionary’s advice and propel yourself through the water, using your muscles to bum as many calories as possible.

3. Walk in nice weather
When the weather is to your liking, don’t just admire it from your kitchen. Take advantage of it and walk around the neighborhood. Your body will feel good for being outside and exerting energy. Your weight will reap the benefits.

4. After you eat, wait a while before exercising
If you can, try and wait a few hours after eating before you dive into exercise. If you do this, your body will burn more calories.

5. Eat dinner outside (or anywhere away from the TV)
Being able to eat dinner outside is one of the coolest aspects of summer. Instead of mindlessly watching TV as you consume whatever is on your plate, take your meal outside. You’ll enjoy your food more and you’ll know when you’re full. That doesn’t happen when your mind is lost in TV shows.

6. Family game night
If you already have a family game night, it probably means Monopoly-Life-Clue-Risk-Boggle-Battleship-Or-Some-Other-Boring-Table-Game. These board games are fine, but they don’t require any physical component. Try something like tennis, soccer, golf, kickball, volleyball, or basketball together. The kids will love it, and your body fat will hate it (because it’s being eliminated).

7. Ride bikes with a loved one
There’s nothing more romantic than an evening bike ride with your significant other. If you make this a regular habit, you’ll gain more tone and endurance. The romance is just the cherry on top.

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