Kids Back In School – Perfect Time To Lose Weight

The summer is now ending and school is looming ahead. This may be a sad time for the kids, but it’s not necessarily bad for the parents. Here’s why the upcoming school season is a perfect time to restart your weight loss efforts.

  1. More time to yourself. Once the kids are back in school, you’ll have a little more “me” time. This is excellent. Set aside part of that time to schedule your workouts/walks/exercise.
  2. Routine is king again. The craziness of summer is subsiding. Now your weekly or monthly schedule will (hopefully) be more controllable. Because of this, you can plan healthy meals every week. Keep this up and you’ll see your stomach start shrinking.
  3. Predictability leads to sustainability. In other words: You know what’s going to happen each day, so you can use that for your weight loss advantage. That summer randomness is no longer a factor. Take control of your food intake, meal time, exercise decisions, and walks/runs. Now is the ideal time to begin.

We hope this has showed you how easy it can be to revamp your weight loss goals. If you have any questions about losing weight or maintaining a thinner body, The Broadway Clinic has proven, medically supervised weight loss programs available to everyone. Some of their patients are losing up to 20 pounds in the first month.

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