Nutty or Not?

What’s the deal with shaming people for being a “health nut?”  It’s a term you hear frequently by friends and family members describing those who decide to eat better foods. Many times it’s spoken in a derogatory way – just this week we heard someone talking on the phone, warning the other person that their mom was a “health nut” (so they should probably eat before they came over for dinner).  What’s wrong with choosing good foods for your body? What’s the problem with saying ‘no’ to fast food and other toxins we so commonly intake.

American culture has turned us into instant gratification seeking, fast-paced and mindless eaters. And anyone who challenges that way of nourishing their body is seen as a little bit off their rocker. How about we coin a new term for this empowered group of people, because it’s not easy to deny oneself the pleasures of a unhealthy foods. It takes time and hard work, dedication and determination. It’s not for the faint of heart, and maybe it’s out of envy that we so quickly call them crazy.

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