Rainy days got you down? It’s normal to have a case of the blues on a cloudy day, but if your symptoms persist past the weather, it’s possible there could be a deeper cause. When was the last time you had your hormones checked?  Chances are they could be a little out of whack.  Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy may sound scary, but don’t let it fool you! It’s actually one of the most effective ways to regulate and replenish your body’s hormone levels!

Some common side effects of unbalanced hormones include fatigue, lack of energy mental fog, and low libido.  These and other side effects may occur as a result of other medical issues, but it’s important to check your hormone levels to see if they are the problem.

There’s great benefit to replenishing your hormones, some you may not even realize you’re missing.  Balanced testosterone can help you regain bone density, muscle mass and cardiovascular protection.  Restoring your estrogen supply can increase skin elasticity and protect against heart disease and Alzheimer’s.  And optimum DHEA levels will lead to decreased cholesterol and overall body fat.

Hormones are in charge of most of your bodily functions and systems, including the reproductive, immune and metabolic.  They contribute to your overall mental and physical acuity.  By replenishing your hormones with BHRT, we can help you attain a youthful zeal, strength and mental awareness.  So if you’re feeling more than just the rainy day blues, come to Broadway, and we’ll have you feeling your best in no time!