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Men’s hormones control virtually all functions of their bodies including the reproductive, immune and metabolic systems. As a result, hormones control both physical and mental health. Therefore, if hormone levels decline, you may suffer both physically and mentally. You may lose energy, vitality, mental agility and longevity. Restoring a proper hormone balance can help you regain your youthful zeal, strengthen your body and renew your mind.

Why does a man need Testosterone replacement?

Testosterone plays a vital role in every man’s health. Yet, as he ages, his testosterone levels tend to lower. And a drop in testosterone can adversely affect every area of a man’s life and health. Men with low testosterone levels often find themselves with little or no libido or energy, and they tend to regularly suffer from fatigue and a loss of mental clarity. In addition, their muscle mass and bone density are likely to lessen, plus the health of their cardiovascular system and brain function can be compromised.
Men with decreased levels of testosterone may suffer from any of the following symptoms: fatigue, erectile dysfunction, difficulty concentrating, decreased muscular strength/tone, poor motivation, increased belly fat, weight gain or a low libido.
Gaining relief from any or all of the above symptoms may be possible through Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT). Take our Hormone Well-Being Test to see if you need hormone replacement therapy!


On a scale of 1-10, rate how much each symptom affects your daily life.

Mood Swings

Hot Flashes

Low Energy or Feeling Tired

Night Sweating


Painful Intercourse or Erectile Dysfunction

Low Sex Drive

Weight Gain or Weight Problems


Sleep Problems

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